We make managing & booking meeting rooms fast & easy

This Meeting Room booking application has been designed to make booking meeting rooms fast and efficient from anywhere in the world, and to be able to monitor meeting room usage with ease.

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It's compatible across all your devices... of course

Meeting Box works seamlessly across PC's, Macs, phones and tablets to enable access wherever and whenever you need it.

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Do you manage meeting rooms or an office?

We have in-depth analytics to save your aching soul from hours of excel frustration

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Meeting room management that grows with your company.

Effortless meetings from start-up stage to your mega global corp behemoth company.

Yes, we have an API

So you can bolt on Meeting Box to pretty much anything

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Book meetings around the world

Meeting Box uses your local time zone wherever you are, which makes it great for organising a video conference. Book a meeting at 4pm from London, and your colleagues in California will see it in their local time zone.

Meeting Box is the best way to book and manage meeting rooms

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